Become an HRDQ-U Presenter
Become an HRDQ-U Presenter
Become an HRDQ-U Presenter

HRDQ-U is a learning community for trainers and facilitators, coaches and consultants, organization development professionals, managers, supervisors and leaders. Each of our webinars attract 500+ registrations on average. And those numbers are growing. If you have an idea to share with more clients or a new audience, and you want more exposure for your product or service, become an HRDQ-U presenter!

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Highlighted Presenters

Stephen McCauley - My Ex-Life: A Novel

Bill Treasurer

In the past two decades, thousands of executives across the globe have attended Bill’s keynotes and workshops. Benefiting from the concepts first introduced in Bill’s bestselling books, participants come away with stronger leadership skills, improved team performance, and more career backbone. Bill has led workshops for NASA, Lenovo, USB Bank, CNN, and many other high-profile organizations. Bill’s insights about courage and risk-taking have been featured in over 100 newspapers and magazines.

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Dr. Keera Godfrey

Keera is a change management and training consultant helping organizations connect, build, and invest in their greatest assets—people. She founded Naris Communications, a company that specializes in designing training programs, developing stakeholder communications, and delivering leadership training. As a Certified Change Practitioner and Master Trainer, Keera is a true expert in designing effective training and change management programs for organizational transformation and performance improvement.
UCLA Anderson School of Management - Martin Scorsese

Bob Pike

Bob is the founder, chairman and CEO of The Bob Pike Group in Minneapolis. He is known as “the trainer’s trainer” and specializes in training those who train others. He originated the idea of participant-centered training where instructors facilitate learning through the use of hands-on, interactive lessons. He has been involved in training since 1969 and has authored and co-authored more than two dozen books on the subject of training. Bob remains a sought-after speaker and premier presenter.