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"I've attended several of Diana Durek's webinars. This was her BEST webinar. She asked questions and provided exercises to keep her virtual audience members engaged throughout the entire program."

"Beverly Kaye did a FABULOUS job engaging the audience and answering audience questions while still remaining focused on her presentation! 3 cheers for Beverly (smile)!!!!"

"I appreciate your efforts and the resources you are providing to the "world in need." Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!"

"I find HRDQ webinars very resourceful and helpful for me and in the future open up for others in our organization to attend as well. Thank you"

"I loved how Ann made this session very interactive--very difficult to pull off on a webinar."

"I really enjoyed the flow of the presentation and the presenter's voice was confident, credible and comfortable (put me at ease, not to sleep!)"

"The participant interaction used in this webinar was unexpected but a fun addition to the typical webinar."

"Was very impressed with today's webinar; I am an avid "student" of Emotional Intelligence and certified in EQi 2.0. I learned some new insights today that will be extremely helpful in coaching leaders. Thank you! "

"Really a good webinar, thanks. Great information backed up by statistics/research, and I liked the interactivity of using polls and asking for responses throughout."

"This was my first webinar and I really enjoyed the process. It was professional and brief enough. Nice that we can have our questions answered on the spot. Presenter seemed friendly and knowledgeable."

"This is the best webinar yet! Mark got straight to the points and the points were succinct, practical, and illustrated with examples. Thank you very much!"

"Great webinar, interesting topics, and great delivery by HRDQ. Already recommended to friends. Thank you!"

"I thought the session was informative. Short, sweet, and engaging. Thank you!"

"Chip Bell was a super presenter and spoke in relatable terms; gave great examples. Thanks"

"Thank you! I love your webinars and find them to be a great resource."

"I loved the webinar! It hit every struggle we have today right on the head. Many of your solutions and recommendations seem so 'common sense' but they are actually a rarity today."

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