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80+ virtual seminars for soft skills training

HRDQ-U Virtual Seminars offer an 80+ class curriculum of instructor-led online seminars. Send your employees to the performance skills training they need with online, open enrollment classes. They’ll develop skills on topics such as accountability, leadership style, communication, diversity, customer service, and analytical thinking skills. Enroll your learners in HRDQ-U Virtual Seminars and let them develop the soft skills they need from their home or office.

Virtual seminars from HRDQ-U feature real-time interaction with our expert trainers with engaging professional development content your employees can join on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Each session provides in-depth learning, practical skills, and developmental tools to ensure real learning returns with them to the workplace.

Registration for HRDQ-U Virtual Seminars is now open. New classes are being added each month. Seats are limited. Enroll your employees and learners today!

April 2021

Accountability at Work Online Seminar | HRDQ-U
Accountability at Work Virtual Seminar | $199

Picture a workplace where trust is unquestioned, commitments are clear, responsibility is high, people take ownership of problems, and mistakes are opportunities to improve rather than reasons to blame. These conditions are the cornerstone of a positive work environment.

Adapting Your Leadership Style Online Seminar | HRDQ-U
Adapting Your Leadership Style Virtual Seminar | $199

Strong leadership is critical for successful organizations. If a company has a strong leadership team, it is more likely to meet goals, empower its employees, motivate its teams, and ensure future growth. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to develop influential leaders – and become one yourself.

Analytical Thinking Skills | HRDQ-U
Analytical Thinking Skills Virtual Seminar | $199

Managers and employees make decisions every day based on personal experience, conventional wisdom, widely accepted best practices, or even the latest trend in business thinking. And, in many situations, the decisions may be appropriate. But how do you ever know for sure?

Appreciating Diversity Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Appreciating Diversity Virtual Seminar | $199

A survey found 2 million people leave jobs each year because of workplace unfairness, costing employers $64 billion a year in hiring costs. People of color were three times more likely to say unfairness was the reason they quit. What is the source of unfair treatment in organizations?

May 2021

Assertiveness Skills Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Assertiveness Skills Virtual        Seminar | $199

Assertiveness skills are essential for success. Influence is a tool of the successful—being able to affect influence or win others to your way of thinking, demands respect and allows you the authority to affect outcomes.  Influencing goes beyond positions of power and encompasses more subtle skills like empathy and active listening.

Balancing Priorities Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Balancing Priorities Virtual    Seminar | $199

In our increasingly competitive world, we all need to be more productive than ever. Not only must we do our jobs in less time and with fewer resources, we often work for more than one boss and on more than one team. As a result, we may face conflicting tasks, deadlines, and expectations, making it difficult to identify what’s most important.

Behavioral Interviews Online Seminar | HRDQ-U
Behavioral Interviews Virtual Seminar | $199

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 69 percent of organizations have been adversely affected by a bad hire in the past year. A bad hire was considered someone with any of the following issues: poor performance, failure to get along with others, negative attitude, attendance problems, and complaints from customers.

Business Etiquette Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Business Etiquette Virtual      Seminar | $199

Business etiquette is an encompassing term that makes the difference between a comfortable work environment, and an aggravating one. Whether it is being polite to a rude coworker, keeping a clean workspace, or using proper grammar in an email, small, attentive gestures make the workplace more enjoyable.

June 2021

Classroom Training 101 Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Classroom Training 101 Virtual Seminar | $199

Classroom training can be challenging, but there are ways to ensure success. There are four areas that make up effective training; material, delivery, participants, and your skills. By focusing on each of these areas, you’ll discover the best techniques for developing, delivering, and managing a smooth and engaging training session, which you’ll learn during this seminar.

Coaching Conversations Virtual Seminar | $199

Coaching skills can be applied to a variety of situations. Common coaching situations involve the “big picture” view of identifying a satisfying life path, or a more detailed view of improving performance in specific areas. In all situations, coaching is about tapping into a potential that would otherwise be idle, and using it for the benefit of the employee and the company.

Coaching for Development Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Coaching for Development Virtual Seminar | $199

To remain competitive, companies need to retain valuable employees, address problems that interfere with productivity, and help employees achieve their full potential. The traditional “command and control” method of managing employees has been shown to be less effective than involving people in their own development.

Communicating as a Manager Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Communicating as a Manager Virtual Seminar | $199

According to the American Management Association, a communication skills set is one of the six core competencies a manager needs to develop. One reason is that effective communication between managers and employees is essential for an organization to succeed. Clear communication also helps to increase employees’ motivation.

Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience Virtual Seminar | $199

According to one report, 40 percent of consumers switched to buying from a competitor because of its reputation for great customer service, 55 percent cite great service, not product or price, as their primary reason for recommending a company, and 66 percent said that great customer service was their primary driver for greater spending.

July 2021

Creating Chemistry in Teams Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Creating Chemistry in Teams Virtual Seminar | $199

Chemistry in teams—you know it when you see it, but it can be hard to define. The blend of complementing work-styles, rapport, and organizational culture can serve as a basis for advanced team development and interaction. For this reason, people often use the word “chemistry” to describe an intangible, but positive effect on team performance.

Creative Problem Solving Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-UCreative Problem Solving Virtual Seminar | $199

When problems happen at work, employees frequently do one of three things: they panic, they become apprehensive about approaching the problem, or they pass the issue on to someone else to solve. Yet a problem at work often means there is a potential solution. A problem-solving culture fosters ideas and activities which  encourages innovation.

Creative Problem Solving Applied Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Creative Problem Solving Applied Virtual Seminar | $199

When most people hear the words “creative problem solving” they think of a haphazard random approach to generating solutions. While it does in fact involve allowing ideas to flow, there is most certainly a rhyme and reason to the process. Participants will learn techniques for both generating novel ideas to problem resolution and evaluating their effectiveness.

Critical Thinking Skills Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Critical Thinking Skills Virtual Seminar | $199

In today’s fast-paced workplace, decisions often have to be made quickly, effectively and without doubt. It is increasingly important for employees to be able to think critically on their own. When employees excel at critical thinking, they can assess all possible approaches to a problem and choose the best solution confidently and calmly.

August 2021

Critical Thinking Skills Applied Virtual Seminar | $199

Critical thinking is a skill that most would agree is important in the workplace. But what is it, exactly? Critical thinking is reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe and what to do. It requires collecting information and then thoughtfully evaluating it in order to guide decision making.

Cultural Competency Online Seminar | HRDQ-U Cultural Competency Virtual Seminar | $199

With increasing globalization comes diversification in the workplace. As organizations turn to hiring employees from many parts of the world, the need for cultural competency is at its greatest. Culture shapes the values, habits and thinking patterns which impact work life from communication to time management.

Delegating for Growth Online Seminar | HRDQ-U
Delegating for Growth Virtual Seminar | $199

Delegation is more than assigning work to someone else. Often, it is about entrusting responsibility and accountability. By delegating tasks a manager is handing a little bit of authority over to his or her subordinate, while at the same time keeping responsibility for completion of the task.

Delivering Exceptional Phone Service Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Delivering Exceptional Phone Service Virtual Seminar | $199

To attract and retain customers in a highly competitive environment, it is important to meet their needs and make them feel valued. That job is typically the responsibility of customer service representatives. As a representative, you’ll find that being able to deliver that level of service is just as critical.

Developing Positive Relationships Online Seminars | HRDQ-U
Developing Positive Relationships Virtual Seminar | $199

Developing positive relationships at work is critical. In media and television depictions of the workplace, co-workers are expected to engage in dog-eat-dog office politics to get to the top. Therefore, too often real-world workplace culture is divisive and competitive in a negative way. However, having constructive, positive relationships with co-workers actually benefits everyone in the long run.

September 2021

Developing Your Direct Reports | HRDQ-U
Developing Your Direct Reports Virtual Seminar | $199

As loyal employees stay with an organization for years, their effectiveness starts to stagnate. Without giving existing employees new roles, providing feedback, developing more responsibilities, or training for new skills, organizations are leaving a potential resource untapped.

Effective Listening Skills Virtual Seminar | $199

According to studies on listening, we are distracted, preoccupied or forgetful about 75 percent of the time we should be listening. We listen at 125-250 words per minute, but think at 1000-3000 words per minute. Immediately after we listen to someone, we only recall about 50 percent of what they said.

Effective Risk-Taking | HRDQ-U
Effective Risk-Taking Virtual          Seminar | $199

Taking a risk means stepping into a situation where the consequences of your decisions and actions are uncertain and there is some possibility of loss or adversity. It requires a willingness to operate outside of your comfort zone and experiment new ways to do things.

Emotional Intelligence Virtual Seminar | HRDQ-U
Emotional Intelligence Virtual Seminar | $199

Those who have a high level of awareness and control over their emotions, and use their emotions to connect with others and develop positive relationships, will find even greater success in the workplace. This soft skill is known as emotional intelligence.

October 2021

Employee Engagement Online Seminar | HRDQ-U
Employee Engagement Virtual Seminar | $199

Towers Watson conducted a Global Workforce Study and found that only about a third of the global workforce is highly engaged, leaving the remaining two-thirds less engaged or not engaged. This is important because highly engaged employees are emotionally committed to their organization’s goals.

Ethics in the Workplace Online Seminar | HRDQ-UEthics in the Workplace Virtual Seminar | $199

Working in an environment with unethical employees can have negative consequences on organizational trust, team-building, communication and morale. Ethical behavior tends to be a broad term, encompassing accountability, professionalism and respect. This can make pinpointing behaviors to change difficult.

From Creativity to Innovation Online Seminars | HRDQ-U
From Creativity to Innovation Virtual Seminar | $199

Imagine: a panel of developers for a tech company meet to design a big product for the upcoming year. Although there are a dozen people in the room, the conversation is driven by eight top individuals, who are focused on updating software programs. This is a culture whose innovation has become too focused in one area.

Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace Online Seminar | HRDQ-U
Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace Virtual                              Seminar | $199

Problem employees may meet performance expectations or even exceed them, but in general, make the workplace less pleasant. Perhaps they drain your energy with constant negativity, or maybe it’s something as simple as oversharing personal information.

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