Mental Models | Live Seminar 2-15-2022

Mental Models

Date: Feb 15, 2022 | Time: 1:00 pm EST | Length: 3 hours


Each one of us has a perception of reality about how the world works—a mental model that provides understanding, guides thinking, and directs decision making. Built from everyday experiences, outside influences, and rewards such as money and success, mental models can be both beneficial and detrimental to success.

This course will show you how to examine your mental models to separate fact from opinion, clarify assumptions, and reveal hidden beliefs. Using interactive exercises and activities, this learning experience illustrates the need to tune into one’s surroundings, look for opportunities, and approach work with an open mind.

Key topics

  • Benefits and drawbacks of mental models.
  • Origins of mental models.
  • Compare different mental models among various industries.
  • How to reveal hidden assumptions and rethink misconceptions.
  • How to use creative swiping to your advantage.
  • Creating new mental models and share them.

Participants will learn

  • Define mental models and describe how they influence the workplace.
  • Identify your own mental models.
  • Recognize assumptions in your mental models.
  • Reveal hidden assumptions.
  • Avoid typical mental mistakes.
  • Implement strategies to adjust inaccurate mental models.

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