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Team building is among the most important investments your organization can make in its employees. Team building develops trust and respect, mitigates conflict, boosts retention and productivity, and it makes your office a place where people want to be. HRDQ-U’s free team building webinars can help you design the best program to improve teamwork across your organization.

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From Losing Out to Standing Out: What We Know About Extraordinary Teams

We all spend time in teams that are unremarkable. While we may meet anticipated goals or objectives, we come away with less than fond memories of other team members or the experience. In the webinar From Losing Out to Standing Out – What We Know About Extraordinary Teams you’ll hear shared experiences in working with teams using the Extraordinary Teams strategies.

A New Way to Do Team Building

You’ve seen it before—team members who are uninvolved. Conflict. The inability to achieve consensus. A lack of commitment. If developing cohesive teams seems to you like an unattainable goal, this webinar is for you. We’ll explore the dynamics of teamwork and provide you with a fun and easy-to-implement training solution that will engage your audience, get team members excited, and better enable them to achieve synergistic results.

Why Team Building?

Teamwork is vital for innovation, efficiency, morale, collaboration, and culture in general. But when people feel they’re competing for promotions, when teams feel they’re competing for dollars, and when companies at large feel they’re competing for market share, teamwork is one of those values that’s the first to go. When it can feel so shallowly embedded, what can you do to ensure teamwork is instilled in all employees?

Four Approaches

Make sure everyone understands what teamwork means to your organization. These basic principles will help you build a program that sticks:

Often, tension happens when individuals claim personal credit for team successes (and avoid personal blame for any team shortcomings). Approaching teamwork from a point of cohesion eliminates the sense of ego inherent in this “blame game” or “credit game.” When setting collective goals, be clear about the outcomes you’re aiming for as a team and make sure the “we’re all in it together” mantra is embedded in all decisions. Everything that goes well or poorly as you work toward that goal is a result of each person’s collective contributions.

Effective teamwork recognizes the unique role every team member plays on the team. Make sure every member is equipped for success by assigning roles and responsibilities that cater to their unique strengths as part of the team. For instance, someone who’s more detail-oriented can keep the meeting minutes, while someone who loves to wrestle with big ideas can lead the brainstorming. It’s important to not pigeonhole team members here, however. If someone is interested in strengthening a new muscle, encourage mentorship across teammates. Perhaps the veteran project manager can take someone interested in project management under their wing, for instance.

The best teamwork comes from a solutions-oriented mindset. Problem solving is a key skill every team member needs to ensure complications don’t harm morale or throw off a project entirely. Effective problem solving comes from team leadership, open communication, and creative critical thinking.

This includes effective communication, constructive criticism and the general dynamics of how teams work amongst themselves. The more that colleagues feel comfortable around one another in the office, the more effectively they’ll work as a team. Encourage interpersonal, collaborative relationships across your organization by offering ways for employees to get involved, meet one another, and engage outside of a strictly business setting.

HRDQ-U team building webinars help your employees understand their value both as individuals and team members, while equipping you with the tools and resources you need to improve teamwork.

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