Team Effectiveness: What Is It Anyway? | Recorded Webinar

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60 minutes

Join us for an hour-long webinar about team effectiveness, based on HRDQ’s workshop and assessment, Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP). TEP is a diagnostic instrument designed to assist groups in improving their output and work satisfaction. Under normal circumstances, issues that block a group’s effectiveness may not be apparent. Issues that remain undisclosed can drain a group’s energy and undermine its productive efforts. TEP was developed to help groups systematically identify these issues. If you are a trainer, you do not want to miss this!

This webinar is based upon research from Team Effectiveness Profile, a training program from HRDQ that gives both newly emerging and experienced leaders and managers the tools and techniques for developing and refining their skills.

Attendees will learn

  • Identify issues that block effectiveness.
  • Reduce or eliminate problems that can drain a group’s energy.
  • Maximize the group’s productive efforts.

Who should attend

  • A training or HR professional who delivers training.
  • An independent training consultant.
  • A manager who delivers or purchases training as part of their role.


Keera Godfrey, MBA, M.S. is a change management and training consultant with 15 years experience helping organizations connect, build, and invest in their greatest assets – people. Whether reengineering business processes, implementing a new information system, or augmenting staff, taking care of people is critical to success. In 2010, Keera founded Naris Communications, a company that specializes in designing training programs, developing stakeholder communications, and delivering leadership training to support organizational transformation, performance improvement, and information system implementations.


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