A New Model of Team Performance: Optimizing Team Brainpower for Maximum Results | Recorded Webinar

HRDQ-U Webinar | Optimizing Team Brainpower for Maximum Results

60 minutes

Some organizations are using a thinking-based strategy to assemble teams that are equipped to tackle tough business challenges. Does yours?

As the business environment grows more demanding, organizations are becoming dependent on the collective intelligence of teams to improve problem-solving skills, discover innovative solutions, and deliver higher quality results in less time. Yet all too often teams are unable to reach their potential, regardless of the talent and experience held by the individuals.

Join us for Optimizing Team Brainpower for Maximum Results: A New Model of Team Performance. Led by Herrmann International’s Kevin Sensenig, VP of Learning & Development, this interactive webinar will give you practical tools and think-centered methods for helping teams to tap into their full brainpower. He will use examples and exercises to guide you through an easy-to-apply model and he’ll share the specific strategies major organizations such as Caesars Entertainment and Microsoft Game Studios are using to assemble the most effective teams for tackling tough business problems.

Attendees will learn

  • A thinking-based model and tools to help teams work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and reap the benefit of diverse perspectives.
  • How to apply the latest research on thinking and team productivity to help teams achieve specific business objectives, whether the team is virtual or on-site, intact or cross-functional, or collaborating with external stakeholders.
  • How to assemble the most effective team, based on the mental demands of the assignment, project, or problem.

Who should attend

  • Organization Development Professionals
  • Trainers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Consultants


Kevin Sensenig is VP of Learning & Development for Herrmann International where he works closely with CEO Ann Herrmann. He brings 20+ years of experience in management, leadership, education and training for organizations. Prior to his current position he served as Global Vice President of Learning and Organization Development for Dale Carnegie®, where he led the global trainer network and as CEO & Managing Director for JR Rodgers & Associates, Inc., Dale Carnegie Systems®, supporting senior executives in growing their business and developing their people. His specializations include organization assessment, strategic facilitation regarding business planning and business succession, as well as business training and coaching.

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