Personality and Emotional Intelligence: Connections and Discontinuities

Length: 60 minutes
Category: Emotional Intelligence, Personality Styles, Recorded Webinars, Topics
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The interdependent nature of personality and emotional intelligence (EQ) is crucial to understand if enhancing development and effectiveness are goals. This webinar will look at the crucial relationship between the personality and emotional triggers, and the information in emotion as managed by different personality styles.

While there are unambiguous linkages between personality and emotional intelligence, there are serious questions about how these domains of human experience impact development and how growth in one arena does not improve effectiveness in another. Join expert Roger Pearman as he will point to pragmatic actions coaches and developmental specialists can take to foster growth and cautions when exploring either arena.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Specific points of connection between personality and EQ.
  • Nature of personality patterns and emotions.
  • Linkage of development between personality and EQ.
  • EQ as a distinct arena of development.
  • Practical actions for the coach and facilitator when working with either or both fields of inquiry.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers and leaders
  • Human resources professionals
  • Trainers
  • Organizational development professionals


roger pearman pic

Roger Pearman is the CEO of two firms: Leadership Performance Systems, Inc., which provides specialized talent management services and Matrix Insights, LLC., which provides a comprehensive learning platform for leaders. He recently joined with Dr. Bob Eichinger to create TeamTelligent, LLC for the development and release of TEAMOSIT®–an iPad application to boost team performance, RELATE! for enriching relationships, and CAREERFITOSITY® for career planning.

As a Senior Adjunct Staff member at the Center for Creative Leadership since 1986, Roger has worked with clients as a coach and trainer for customized programs across all economic sectors.  He has coached executives in pharmaceuticals, healthcare systems, banking and financial services, government agencies, retail organizations, and information services businesses.  Formerly a COO for a financial services company, Roger founded two companies that provide specialized development services for executive leadership and talent management.


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