Negotiation Strategies that Deliver Results


Many people including seasoned business professionals have NegotiaPhobia, a fear they may fail to achieve their desired results in a negotiation. Yet, with proper training, practice and preparation, they can deliver these desired results.

This webinar addresses the common mistakes made before and during difficult negotiations and provides strategies for success. Cary Silverstein, President of the Negotiating Edge and co-author of “Overcoming Your NegotiaPhobia, Negotiating Your Way Through Life” will demonstrate how you can and execute a successful negotiation without the fear of failure.

Participants Will Learn

  • Planning
  • Active Listening
  • Communicating
  • Linking
  • Collaborating


Cary Silverstein MBA has extensive experience in business, vendor and labor negotiations. Cary earned his BA in Political Science and Industrial Psychology from CUNY’s Queens College. His MBAs in both Marketing and Organizational Behavior were awarded by The Arthur B. Roth School of Business at Long Island University. He attended Marquette University in Milwaukee and was awarded a Certificate in Labor Management Relations. Cary has also attended advanced negotiation training at Harvard’s Program on Negotiation (PON).

While leading his consulting firm, SMA, LLC as president, Cary has mentored and trained a great number of middle and upper level executives at Fortune 500 companies in the art and science of negotiations. Cary has authored over 150 articles for The BizTimes Milwaukee and has been published in many other national business periodicals, in England, Australia and on the Internet. Cary served as a senior adjunct professor at two Midwest universities for 30 years and has taught negotiation strategies to hundreds of graduate school students.

Recently, Cary has published his first book, “Overcoming Your NegotiaPhobia, Negotiating Your Way Through Life” with his writing partner Dr. Larry Waldman ABPP.

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