Mousify Your Culture for Mickey Inspired Success


People think that everything Disney touches is magic. It isn’t. It’s method. More specifically, it’s a methodical culture intentionally, aggressively focused on five components: Purpose, Priorities, People, Platform and Process. In this Disney inspired session, Lenn Millbower, a 25 year Walt Disney World training leader and the author of the book Care Like a Mouse, reveals strategies and tactics Walt Disney World has used to align those five components throughout the organization. The result? Method that creates magic. You can then methodically align your culture and to create your own organizational magic.

Participants Will Learn

  • To engage their employees through a Disney-like simple-to-comprehend service purpose statement that aligns all employee tasks to the larger service goal.
  • To identify the priorities required to align leaders and employees, and their assigned tasks, to the purpose behind those tasks.
  • To estimate their effectiveness at, or the need to further enhance, people-focused strategies for developing, focusing and engaging employees in the delivery of amazing customer service.
  • A process for “plussing” their existing offerings so that they always exceed their customers’ expectations.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders and managers
  • Independent consultants
  • Others interested in Disney’s workplace method


Lenn Millbower, the Mouse Man™ and author of Care Like a Mouse, teaches Walt Disney inspired service, leadership, innovation, training and success strategies. Everything Disney touched seems magical. It isn’t. It’s method. Lenn saw that method up close. He spent 25 years at Walt Disney World: Epcot Operations trainer, Disney-MGM Studios stage manager, Animal Kingdom opening crew, and Disney Institute, Disney University, and Walt Disney Entertainment management. Now he shares methodologies that will help you make your own magic.

Connect with Lenn Millbower on LinkedInYoutube, and at

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