The Lightning Decision Process: A One-Hour Innovation Workshop


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Creative problem solving and clear decision-making is what separates good leaders from the best. Yet we have all been there – endless meetings, multiple email exchanges and useless, open-ended, unstructured discussions. Projects stall, teams lose momentum, and everything goes over-budget, people become disengaged and productivity suffers causing many products, services and new ideas to get released late and full of compromises, all because the team is so fatigued from working on endless, unprioritized problems. Join us for this interactive webinar where we co-design a Lightning Decision Jam you can immediately use in your workplace and replace the endless meetings with a structured and agile process.

Attendees will learn:

  • The power of working together and alone.
  • The power of reframing a problem into a challenge.
  • Two new brainstorming techniques that energize your workforce.
  • How to apply this method with your remote teams.
  • To apply this method with everyday challenges.

Who should attend:

  • Leaders and managers
  • HR and learning and development personnel
  • Organizational development professionals


Judith Cardenas

Dr. Judith Cardenas‘ expertise is at the intersection of behavior design and innovation. Her academic background includes a doctorate in education administration, as well as a doctorate in training and performance improvement. She has completed a variety of postdoctoral training, including leadership development at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and Human Performance Improvement at the American Society for Training and Development and Human Capital Analytics. Not only is she certified as a Registered Business Coach and a Professional for Return on Investment from Villanova University, she also holds certifications in the area of Innovation – MIT.

Judith has created and delivered training to organizations and agencies such as the World Bank, United Nations, QVC, Inc., Phillips Semiconductor, U. S. Navy, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency and U.S. Army, National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development/UT Austin and American College of Radiology.



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