Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times like Covid (Part 1 of 2): Leveraging a Lights On Strategy


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All organizations experience turbulent times whether from high growth, rapid decline, changes in leadership, mergers, acquisitions, a scandal, economic influences and these unprecedented times with Covid-19. How can human resources, talent management and the learning and development functions leverage a leading through learning strategy to help their organizations to get back on track? That’s the question that Pris Nelson, CEO and Ed Cohen, Executive Vice President of Nelson Cohen Global Consulting will answer in this two-part series. Both are no stranger to turbulent times, having been leaders in learning and talent development for more than 40 years working with high growth companies. They have led through mergers, acquisitions, upturns and downturns including the recession of the 80’s, Y2K. the dot COM era, September 11, 2001 and the 2009 economic crisis. None of these compare to their experiences while living in India. While executives at Satyam Computer Services, Nelson and Cohen experienced an Enron-type scandal with its top leadership falsely reporting its profits they played a significant role in steadying the company in the midst of the crisis.

Part 1. Leveraging a Lights On Strategy

While in the midst of turbulence there are three primary things to do to leverage a leading through learning strategy. During part 1 of this series, Ed Cohen will discuss how to: develop a “lights-on” strategy in three steps:

  1. Hold everything
  2. Conduct an Information Safari
  3. Develop 30/60/90 day scenario plans

Ed will provide tools and techniques for each of these steps including sharing Covid-19 Leading Through Learning scenario plans from several organizations. Come ready to talk about your specific situation to gain insights from everyone attending.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to develop a Lights On Strategy to keep the lights on and doors open during turbulent times like Covid-19.
  • To leverage a facilitation tool to quickly facilitate groups from small to large.
  • How to gather insights that convert to action.
  • To identify a method for prioritizing tasks identified in the Lights On Strategy.
  • To build 30/60/90 day prioritized scenarios.

Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders and managers
  • HR and learning and development personnel
  • Talent management

Additional Resources:

Watch: Part 2 – Renew Your Employee Value Proposition

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Ed Cohen, Executive Vice President of Nelson Cohen Global Consulting, is a subject matter expert in Leveraging Learning & Leadership to Navigate Business Turbulence, Executive Coaching, Organizational & Team Development, and Strategic business advisory. He led Tech Mahindra’s (Satyam) talent development through public scandal, ousted leadership and stock collapse that impacted more than 53,000 people. Cohen is a strategic advisor & coach to more than 50 multinational organizations around the world. As a CLO at Tech Mahindra (formerly Satyam), Cohen received the #1 ATD BEST Awards and #8 Training Magazine Top 125 (first company outside US to be in top 10). He also received the #1 ATD BEST Awards and #1 Training Magazine Top 125 as a CLO at Booz Allen Hamilton. Cohen is the author of Leadership Without Borders, the co-author of Riding the Tiger: Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times and Leadership Traits: Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future, and a contributor to Coaching That Counts and the ATD Leadership Handbook. Cohen earned a masters of science in computer education Nova Southeastern. He also participated in Harvard Business School’s Leading Professional Services Firms. Connect with Ed Cohen on LinkedIn or visit www.nelsoncohen.com.



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