How to Make Compliance and Technical eLearning Engaging


Wait, what? Engaging compliance training? Mandatory compliance training courses are considered a burden as they take time out of the takers’ daily duties. As a result, the quality of learning is generally low, and they end up being a waste of the money for organizations. Compliance and technical learning is traditionally seen as a laborious, boring and painful process that learners must endure. But it doesn’t have to be!

Ensuring ethical business practices, complying with laws and following company procedures contribute to a better workplace culture. Therefore, when instructional designers develop mandatory training programs, they should use all their creativity to ensure a successful outcome. It’s time to shift your learning strategy to focus less on the technical side and instead consider the learner’s perspective. Join expert Ray Jimenez in this one-hour webinar to discover tips, tricks and strategies to make compliance training interesting and fun.

Participants Will Learn

  • Locating “context-driven content” that adds usefulness to procedures, policies, software, guides, etc.
  • Shifting the style and delivery of content with trickles and snippets, cases, scenarios, and applications
  • Utilizing your LMS to deliver timely, engaging eLearning content
  • Case studies and examples of engaging technical and compliance programs from successful companies

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and leaders
  • Human resources professionals
  • Trainers
  • Organizational development professionals


Ray Jimenez has spent 15 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the areas of management consulting and implementation of learning technology solutions.  Currently, Ray is the Chief Learning Strategist for Ray has worked with American Bankers Association, Dollar Tree Stores, U.S. Force, NASA, Blue Cross, Good Will Industries, Pixar Studios, California Institute of Technology and many others.  Ray is the author of 3-Minute e-Learning, Scenario-based eLearning, Micro-Learning Applications and Impacts and Story Impacts- Using Stories and Systems to Impact Performance. Workshop participants describe Ray as “fun”, “engaging”, “technically savvy”, “provocative”, “and inspiring” and “has depth in e-learning experience and innovation solutions.”

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