From Losing Out to Standing Out: What We Know About Extraordinary Teams


We all spend time in teams that are unremarkable. While we may meet anticipated goals or objectives, we come away with less than fond memories of other team members or the experience.

It’s time for that to change! Kathleen Ryan and Geoff Bellman have conducted extensive research with teams and discovered key strategies that allow the team experience to be extraordinary. Their findings have been tested and re-tested so we now have a body of evidence to support the idea that with awareness and intention, teams can move from ordinary or solid to extraordinary.

In the webinar From Losing Out to Standing Out – What We Know About Extraordinary Teams you’ll hear from members of the Extraordinary Teams Partnership as they share their experiences in working with teams using the Extraordinary Teams strategies. Join this team talk about teams!

Participants will learn:

  • Specific strategies that can help your team move to extraordinary
  • How being “extraordinary” can benefit you, your team, and your organization
  • What is meant by personal transformation from a team experience
  • How to measure baseline team performance against the strategies
  • The difference between and value of both tangible and intangible team outcomes

Who should attend:

  • Team members
  • Leaders and managers
  • HR professionals


Kevin E. Coray, Ph.D. is an industrial and organizational psychologist and master somatic coach. Kevin is a consultant to leaders, teams, and organizations. He is also co-author of the popular Extraordinary Teams series. Kevin brings over 35 years of experience consulting to and coaching executives, teams and improving organizational performance as the leader of CGS Strategy, an award-winning, national consulting firm he ran for 27 years.

Sally Starbuck Stamp is a certified coach and consultant who works with individuals, teams, and organizations, primarily in the areas of leadership development, communication effectiveness, culture transformation, and life/work balance. Her experience includes work for a variety of health care and technology organizations as both an internal change agent and an external coach and adviser.

Brad Britton is an expert in organizational development, leadership development, and executive coaching. He works with individuals, teams, and organizations to offer transformative strategies that achieve real-world results and competitive advantage. Brad has over 30 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies in high technology, banking, health care, and engineering as well as significant projects in both governmental and non-profit sectors.

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