Appreciating Diversity Virtual Seminar

Date: Apr 13, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Length: 3 hours
Category: All Topics, Diversity & Inclusion, Seminars, Workplace Stress
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Appreciating diversity at work is a huge issue for most organizations. A survey by Korn/Ferry International found that more than 2 million people leave their jobs each year because of unfairness in the workplace, costing employers an estimated $64 billion a year in hiring costs. In addition, people of color were three times more likely than white heterosexual males to say unfairness was the reason they quit their jobs.

What is the source of unfair treatment and differences among people in organizations? What causes a lack of appreciation for diversity? Traditional diversity training programs have focused on the treatment of women and minorities. However, differences arise from a host of other traits as well, including age, sexual preference, religious beliefs, physical abilities, educational background, whether someone has children, even being an engineer versus being a salesperson. These traits or “profiles” cause people to make inaccurate assumptions, create separation, and, yes, treat people unfairly. Appreciating diversity is something we employees can develop through training and helps organizations promote an inclusive work environment.

This 3-hour instructor-led online seminar will focus on appreciating diversity at work and offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics:

  • The problem that exists within the historical approach to diversity training and the solution.
  • Examples of micro-affirmations which help to compensate for micro-inequities and make others feel valued.
  • What employee and manager behaviors to exhibit and how to restructure workplace design to create a framework for appreciating diversity.
  • Recognizing what respect means to each individual and how to communicate according to five specific categories of respect.
  • Behaviors and perspectives necessary for successful and respectful conflict resolution before, during, and after the resolution process.

Participants Will Learn:

  • How we all can learn to appreciate diversity.
  • Understand the subtle ways that bias occurs.
  • Identify instances of devaluing others through small, subconscious behaviors and micro-inequities.
  • Establish a framework to increase inclusion at the organizational level.
  • Recognize different ways of conveying respect.
  • Address conflict productively and respectfully.
  • Lead by example and be part of the solution.

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