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Conflict is impossible to avoid. Employees need to understand how to navigate and work through the disagreements and tensions that inevitably arise in a workplace that has differing personalities, roles, responsibilities, and agendas. Effective problem solving allows people to work through their differences, come to a consensus, and contribute to a team. Learn how to improve these skills across your workforce with free HRDQ-U problem solving webinars.

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A New Way to Do Team Building

You’ve seen it before—team members who are uninvolved. Conflict. The inability to achieve consensus. A lack of commitment. If developing cohesive teams seems to you like an unattainable goal, this webinar is for you. We’ll explore the dynamics of teamwork and provide you with a fun and easy-to-implement training solution that will engage your audience, get team members excited, and better enable them to achieve synergistic results.

What’s the Problem?

Problem solving is one of the most important skills employees can possess in the workplace. These skills help them navigate conflict with one another, while also approaching any job setbacks with a solutions-oriented mindset. You can equip employees to navigate interpersonal problems and day-to-day job problems by instilling a culture of creativity and an attitude of resolution in your organization.

Tips for Effective Problem Solving

Want to build a problem-solving foundation but don’t know where to start? Try these tips:

Encourage colleagues to get in a room together and throw ideas around. Brainstorms promote open thinking, creativity, and teamwork as individuals build off of one another’s thoughts. Creating this sort of environment helps everyone feel they’re contributing toward a collective solution.

Promote a “what if” mentality in your workplace. This kind of mindset helps everyone approach problems with an open mind, catalyzing innovative thinking and encouraging new approaches.

Encourage employees to adopt individual practices like keeping a journal for ideas or a shared whiteboard for thoughts. Writing down innovative solutions when inspiration strikes helps employees cultivate open-mindedness. No idea is too wild or fantastic. Writing it down lays the groundwork for interesting solutions that people can continue to think about and build off of. Think of these practices like an ongoing brainstorm that everyone participates in at their own leisure.

Logic puzzles and games like Sudoku help stimulate employees’ solutions-oriented mindset. Encourage these sorts of activities on an individual or team basis by creating time and space during working hours. The opportunity for a mindset shift can do wonders for productivity and creativity.

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HRDQ-U’s free problem solving webinars give you and your employees the tools needed for success. The better you can equip your organization, the more productive and effective your organization can be.

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Archived Webinars

DARE to Be a Successful Project Manager

Are the people in your organization prepared to be project managers? It’s a role that just about everyone needs to fulfill. We’re not talking about the types of projects that require specialized degrees or fancy Gantt charts. We’re talking about everyday project management. Join us for DARE to Be a Successful Project Manager, an action-packed hour of learning led by none other than project management guru, Lou Russell.

Career Anchors: Tapping into the Power of Talents, Motives, and Values

Are your employees or clients feeling stuck in their choice of careers or unhappy with their current job, unsure of how to make a change? Perhaps “career anchors” have something to do with it. Developed by Dr. Edgar Schein at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, a career anchor is a combination of one’s competencies, motives, and values. And it’s the dominant element of a person’s real self that he or she will not forfeit, even if it leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, and a loss of productivity.

Managing The Cost of Disengagement

Engaged employees are a company’s greatest competitive advantage, and successful companies know that employee disengagement is a serious profit killer. Join subject matter expert Dr. Nicole Lipkin for this webcast to learn the cost of disengagement to your organization, and what you can do to mitigate it.