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80+ virtual online seminars for performance skills training

HRDQ-U offers an 80+ class curriculum of virtual instructor-led online seminars. Titles cover value performance skills your employees need, from team building to leadership, communication to diversity, change management and sales skills. Enroll your learners and let them develop soft skills from their home or office.

HRDQ-U online seminars feature real-time interaction with our expert trainers and engaging professional development classes you can join on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Each session provides in-depth information, practical skills, and developmental tools to ensure real learning returns with them to the workplace.

Registration for HRDQ-U online seminars is open. Space is limited. Enroll your employees and learners today!

HRDQU Virtual Seminar Accountability at Work
Accountability at Work Virtual Seminar | $199

Picture a workplace where trust is unquestioned, commitments are clear, responsibility is high, people take ownership of problems, and mistakes are opportunities to improve rather than reasons to blame. These conditions are the cornerstone of a positive work environment.

HRDQU Virtual Seminar Adapting Your Leadership
Adapting Your Leadership Style Virtual Seminar | $199

Strong leadership is critical for successful organizations. If a company has a strong leadership team, it is more likely to meet goals, empower its employees, motivate its teams, and ensure future growth. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to develop influential leaders – and become one yourself.

HRDQU Virtual Seminar Analytical Thinking Skills
Analytical Thinking Skills Virtual Seminar | $199

Managers and employees make decisions every day based on personal experience, conventional wisdom, widely accepted best practices, or even the latest trend in business thinking. And, in many situations, the decisions may be appropriate. But how do you ever know for sure?

HRDQU Virtual Seminar Appreciating Diversity
Appreciating Diversity Virtual Seminar | $199

A survey found 2 million people leave jobs each year because of workplace unfairness, costing employers $64 billion a year in hiring costs. People of color were three times more likely to say unfairness was the reason they quit. What is the source of unfair treatment in organizations?

80+ more online seminars rolling out beginning May 2021!