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Everyone has a different style of learning. The same training techniques may not be equally efficient for all. But if leaders and individuals can understand their learning styles, then they can adapt their techniques and training can be more effective. HRDQ offers learning style assessments and tools that can help you modify your methods and remain flexible in your approach in order to see great results.

The Four Learning Styles

Learning is the process of gaining knowledge by means of study, experience, or instruction. It can happen in different ways. It can be formal, informal, active, passive, experiential, or subliminal. Your preference for a particular learning method and how you process new knowledge are related to your personal learning style.

Having knowledge of a preferred learning style puts people in a better position to select learning experiences that suit their style. There are four key learning styles to understand:

  • Activist. Activists are people who are active and learn by doing. They have an open-minded approach to learning and involve themselves fully in new experiences. They like to brainstorm and problem solve.
  • Theorist. Theorists try to understand the theory behind someone’s actions. They like models, analytics, and facts when engaging in the learning process. They use logic and apply theories.
  • Pragmatist. Pragmatists require seeing how learning in practice fits into the real world. They like to experiment and try new techniques to see if they work.
  • Reflector. Reflectors learn by observing and reflecting. They prefer to observe and view experiences from a number of different perspectives, then make a conclusion.

If you know what kind of learner you are, it will make it easier to absorb information and know how you can best approach a learning situation. The learning style tools available at HRDQ can help leaders and individuals identify learning styles to maximize training efficiency.

Featured Webinars

Fail to Learn: How to Grow your Organization through Trial, Error, and Play

Through discussion and hands-on mini-exercises, this webinar will reveal that professional environments have a lot to learn from the commercial gaming industry, the one spot in society where failure is actually expected and encouraged. Attendees will receive case studies and ready-to-use tools for creating fail-forward approaches within their own organizations, and building a playful and fearless learning culture.

Microlearning: Learning in the Flow of Work

Join William Ryan for an informative session examining and discussing different strategies and options that are available and examine when microlearning is an appropriate solution to meet the business and performance needs of the individual.

The Trainer’s Cookbook: Recipes for Learning Engagement Success

Have you been overcooking the content and under-cooking the experience? Are you looking for the right ingredients to build ongoing learner engagement in your training? This webinar may be the answer for you. In this interactive session, expert Marc Ratcliffe will provide you with at least 12 dynamic techniques that will make you the master chef of the training room!

HRDQ-U’s Learning style webinars provide a strong foundation of learning and development for key members of your organization.

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Archived Webinars

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By: William Ryan When you search “microlearning” you will find many different definitions. eLearning Industry says it could be “could either be small learning units or short-term learning activities.” While Shannon Tipton has said microlearning is: Short bursts of focused “right-sized” content to help people achieve a specific outcome.  I learn towards Ray Jimenez’s emphasis on […]

Learning and Development Must Focus on Results: Seven Disasters to Avoid

By Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., Chairman, ROI Institute, Inc. Everyone can agree that learning is crucial to the success of any organization. Yet learning and talent development professionals often fail to show that their efforts are directly improving the organization’s performance. The result? CEOs and other key decision-makers don’t see the value of learning programs […]

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