Having Courage Doesn’t Always Mean Saying “Yes”


Sometimes people think that having courage requires saying YES to every big risk that comes along. But sometimes it actually means applying a disciplined NO to assert a boundary.

Ed Viesturs, one of America’s greatest adventurers, has summited all fourteen of the world’s 8000-meter summits and has been to the top of Mount Everest – not once or twice – but seven times. Think he knows something about taking smart risks?

In this video, Bill Treasurer shares the story of Ed’s first two attempts to climb Mount Everest — both of which ended with him turning around before he reached the top. He applied a disciplined NO for the sake of a more important YES. Getting up the mountain was optional: getting back down was mandatory!

Watch the video now to hear the rest of Ed’s story, and discover how you can put your courage to work today.

What have you tolerated for too long that you need to start saying NO to?

Want to know more about courage? Join us for Courageous Leadership: How to Build Backbone, Boost Performance, and Get Results, presented by Bill Treasurer. The Courageous Leadership webinar will provide practical strategies for building workforce courage so workers can become opportunity-seekers. A proven approach for using courage to improve performance and counteract the negative impacts of workplace fear will be introduced. When everyone is working with more courage, the entire organization is transformed for the better.


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