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The act of changing is not difficult for most people … the required adjustment in attitude, behavior and/or approach is difficult. Changes carries a sense of loss. The consequences of “loss” can be devastating and take a very long time to accept. A loss at its most extreme for people is the death of a loved one. However, there are many other “losses” people endure, such as moving from a home, a city, state, changing job location (company, floor, new colleagues, etc.), or a new route to work, learning a new process or computer program. People adjust to change at their own pace when they establish a comfort level with the proposed or expected change.

Understanding “how” individuals manage change is critical to the success of acceptance of change. Often individuals are viewed as resistant, defiant, or uncooperative when presented with a “new” idea, process or direction; however, this may not be the case. Some people need more time to think it through; others need to see how it will affect his or her ability to be effective, others still need time to determine in their own mind if the change is needed or necessary at all.  Each individual may move in the desired direction, given some time.

written by Alberta Lloyd




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