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HRDQ-U Virtual Seminars as Private Training Events

Like the content but don’t want open enrollment?

With over 80 half-day training programs, the open enrollment Virtual Seminars from HRDQ-U are a full curriculum. Sending your learners to open enrollment is an easy and flexible approach to providing quality learning where and when it is needed. But sometimes you could use a little more privacy.

Learning is often best when the barriers come down and everyone speaks freely. In an open enrollment event, however, your participants may not be comfortable sharing personal experiences or company specific information (and probably shouldn’t). With larger class sizes, interaction among attendees and with the presenter are more limited. 

A private class might make more sense for you

If you have 12–25 participants you would like to send to a specific seminar, a private seminar is equally cost effective as open enrollment and affords you with a higher quality learning experience.

Our professional trainers can facilitate the same seminar just for you. We can host the event on the date and time of your choice. Interaction will be higher because the group will be smaller. And your participants will be free to speak their minds.

Like the seminar content but need a few adjustments? No problem. We will tailor the event for your organization or build you a completely custom event if desired.

And as we get back to working face to face, so too will we want to benefit from the greater experience of learning together. When you’re ready for more experiential learning, our trainers will come to your location and provide a live, onsite learning event.

Learn more about private virtual and onsite training? 

HRDQ-U Virtual Seminars are available for your organization as private events through our partner HRDQ Consulting. To learn more, contact us.

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    In addition to our free HR webinars, we are also pleased to produce a regular blog covering a wide range of soft skills training topics. All of our blog content is also free and is a great way for facilitators and managers to stay fresh on the latest training ideas and resources.

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