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A major role of human resources professionals is training other employees. But who’s training the HR professionals? Free HR Training Webinars from HRDQ-U help keep HR professionals’ skills fresh for lessons that last. A train-the-trainer approach should be top of mind for any organization looking to create a culture of continued learning, support, and ROI.

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How to Develop a More Agile Workforce

Achieving agility within your workforce is easier said than done. In this webinar, Ryan Gottfredson will introduce participants to mindsets and the power they have in driving agility, and help you learn how to harness the power of mindsets to enhance agility in their teams and organizations.

Key HR Training Topics

Human resources training spans a broad spectrum of topic areas. Here are just a few of the many essential HR training topics:

Clear communication is the foundation for any other sort of successful interaction at work. HR employees need to have communication skills mastered in order to be effective trainers and to do all of the myriad tasks that human resources involves. Explore Communication Webinars.

Every organization needs strong leadership. That means standing up for values, demonstrating integrity and cultivating respect. HR professionals are no exception, and they even embody company values more than any other class of employee. Make sure HR training includes leadership development skills to empower your HR team to show up with the leadership needed to tackle the tough parts of the job description, from letting employees go to training them on sensitive topics. Explore Leadership Webinars.

HR is often involved when a conflict arises between two employees at work. These conflicts are never black and white. There’s usually a lot of gray area and room for hurt feelings. Having hard conversations with employees and encouraging them to resolve their differences is a huge challenge. Work to improve HR conflict management skills to help ease tension and create a safe space for all employees to work through their differences. Explore Conflict Management Webinars.

Managing annual review processes is a large part of most HR roles. HR training should cover how to conduct a comprehensive review cycle from start to finish. These typically involve peer reviews, manager reviews, and self reviews. They also involve setting forward-looking goals and navigating the career ladder. Make sure HR has the tools and resources they need for this important process. Explore Performance Management Webinars.

HRDQ-U’s free HR training webinars provide a strong foundation of learning and development for key members of your organization.

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Archived Webinars

Conversations That Matter: Managing Accountability in Others

Many leaders would say they want to create a culture of accountability, but what does this look like when it’s put into practice? How can you measure accountability within your team or organization? What are some challenges that keep you from holding others accountable? How do you respond to someone who makes excuses?