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Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Fostering a culture where employees are both empowered and expected to use creativity helps produce innovation in thinking and outcomes. Yet these two concepts can be hard to actually teach and measure. HRDQ-U offers a range of free creativity and innovation webinars that will give you the tools you need to cultivate a workplace of intellectual freedom and exciting ideas. Learn how you can keep your organization relevant, engaging, and competitive.

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Why Do Creativity and Innovation Matter?

Providing a space that encourages employees to innovate, think outside the box, and bring their full selves to work keeps teams from becoming stagnant, prevents processes from becoming stale, and promotes constant improvement. The freedom to be creative is good for employee retention, good for productivity, and good for your bottom line.

How to Integrate These Values

If you’re serious about encouraging creativity and promoting innovation, you’ll also want to “walk the talk” on an organizational level. This means embedding these values at every level of your company, from job descriptions and evaluation strategies to the physical space you provide your employees. Here are some tips to foster creativity in the workplace:

Both figuratively AND literally. People are most creative when they have the opportunity to engage with and be inspired by other people and their ideas. Make time and opportunities for sharing knowledge, interests, and ideas to get the creativity flowing. And create more physical spaces to foster these kinds of conversations and collaborations by expanding gathering areas, turning old offices into casual conference rooms, etc.

No two people work the same. So, no two work spaces should really look the same. Providing opportunities for employees to work remotely or on schedules that work best with their brains helps energize their minds and sets them up for creative success. Consider implementing different types of work settings in your office as well. Providing options between cubicles, quiet rooms, couches and lounge areas helps employees move around throughout the day depending on the work they’re doing and find inspiration and creativity where they need it.

Let employees know that creativity and innovation are expectations of their roles, not just “nice-to-haves.” How can you do that? Update role descriptions to get it in writing. Add it to performance objectives to incentivize it. Of course, there is no uniform benchmark for creativity. But measuring it in a way that assesses employees’ willingness to be nimble and collaborative is a way to get at that idea.

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With free HRDQ-U change management webinars, you can discover effective strategies to implement change throughout your organization. Especially today, this sort of resilience can make or break your bottom line, so you should ensure you’ve got the basics down to create a culture of flexibility.

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Archived Webinars

Breakthrough Creativity: How to Use Your Talents for More Creative Leadership

Creative organizations start with creative leadership. Yet it’s not if your leaders are creative, but how they are creative. Just as there are multiple styles of intelligence, there are multiple styles of creativity that produce different yet equally valuable results. Join creativity expert Dr. Lynne Levesque for a breakthrough webinar that will show you how to pinpoint your leaders’ talents and gain a competitive edge.

Tapping the Brain for Learning: Strategies for Incorporating Brain-Based Learning Research into Adult Learning

For years, learning theory has pointed to the fact that adults learn differently from children. The approach to training adults must be specific to their needs. Join expert, Bob Lucas, as he share adult learning ideas, techniques and strategies that he has used and perfected over more than four decades of training adults of all types of backgrounds.

Sprinkles: The Coolest Ingredient for Innovating Service to Colleagues

How many times have you heard that it was important to exceed your customer’s expectation? How
about “always provide value-added service?” With customers’ constantly rising expectations, at some
point you run out of cost-effective room to add more. Join Chip Bell to learn the recipe for enhancing
your reputation, growing your customer base and ramping up your bottom line.