What The Best Leaders Know About Influencing Diverse Teams

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By Rick Lepsinger

Today’s workplace is increasingly made up of diverse teams whose members span many cultures, departments and locations. To gain the commitment and cooperation of these teams, leaders must rely on their influence. There are many ways to influence, but some are significantly more effective than others. Our own research shows the most successful leaders use four core influencing behaviors: Reasoning, consulting, collaborating and inspiring.

Many leaders use these behaviors without even thinking about them. However, they may not be taking into account other important factors that determine effectiveness, such as the situation and cultural context. Recognizing the behaviors they use most often and understanding what they can do to improve will help them be more effective influencers.

This interactive guide outlines the fundamentals of effective influencing behaviors, when to use them and how influence varies across cultures and gender. It’s based on our own research and research from others in this area. Take the first step toward empowering your leaders by exploring the guide and sharing it with your teams.

Rick Lepsinger is president of OnPoint Consulting, a top organizational and leadership development consulting firm that offers a variety of training and assessment solutions to help cross-functional teams enhance performance. To learn more, visit onpointconsultingllc.com.

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