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We live in a time of constant change. Between technology transforming the way we work, employees changing companies and jobs at a quicker rate than ever before, and shifting marketplace demands (just to name a few), the workplace is in a constant state of flux. Explore HRDQ-U’s library of free change management webinars to help your workforce deal effectively with change at every level.

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How to Thrive Through Change

To thrive in an environment that’s filled with constant change, it’s important to understand how to harness people’s adaptability to move through disruption and regain resilience with change training. Learn how getting ahead of changes results in an organizational culture that can embrace change.

Enhancing Your Negotiation Powers

Does our negotiation strategy really make a difference? Attend this webinar and you will find out the answer is YES and WHY. While every negotiator wants to win, having a thoughtful approach to reach a desired outcome is as important as the outcome. Understanding and honing the skills necessary to reach a beneficial decision is critical to success. During this webinar you will learn the definition of “negotiation” and the various styles of negotiation.

Learning Preferences and Teaching Across Cultures and Generations

You choose training models focusing on the content you need to be addressed – but do you know, “how does my target audience learn the best?” Learning preferences is the missing link in almost every instructional design model. Join coaching expert Bob Pike as he presents data collected from a diverse cross-section of participants, and discover how people learn in the most efficient way possible.

What is Change Management?

Change management is a set of tools, strategies, and approaches that prepare and support employees, teams, and organizations for major and minor changes. It encompasses the process leading up to the initial decision all the way through to implementation and beyond. Effective change management strategies and resources can help you to create a resilient and adaptive workforce.

Three Levels of Change Management

Change management training functions on three levels to ensure holistic organizational resilience. Its effective implementation depends on how successfully you’re able to integrate strategies across each of these levels:

The key to successful individual change management is empathy, transparency, and strong listening skills. During times of transition, take the time to meet with individual employees, conduct individual outreach, and create feedback mechanisms. Show that you’re listening to their concerns on a personal level and let them know that you’re considering their point of view.
Bringing employees into the decision-making and transition process is an extremely important part of change management. The more that individuals can understand why something is changing, the more likely they are to be willing to make a shift. Remember, you’re asking a lot of employees here. Extend empathy and a willingness to learn from feedback and adjusting plans accordingly.

Change within an organization often involves restructuring teams and objectives on a level higher than individual employees. Here, organizational change management strategies provide the structure, steps, and actions to support the many people impacted by a project.
Effective change management at the team or organizational level involves identifying who will need to change as a result and what they will need to change. Then, you will need to create a plan to ensure affected employees receive the information and training they need in order to adjust successfully. The more you can integrate the first order of change management into your organizational culture, the more effective this second order will be.

Think of this third level as your overall organizational resilience in the face of change. It is a direct result of your ability to embed effective change management at all levels of your organization.
At this level, employees and teams are flexible, adaptable, and empowered to quickly and seamlessly adjust to an ever-changing workplace and marketplace. This doesn’t happen overnight. It requires strategic and consistent application of processes and strategies that equip your workforce to handle change.

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Archived Webinars

Leading with Authenticity during Challenging Times

The ability to guide an organization through the discomfort and opportunity of tumultuous change continues to be amongst the most vexing and enduring of leadership responsibilities. Living on the edge of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) has always been challenging and emotionally draining—even when things are going well; but the difficulty level and stress have ramped up considerably in the emergent context where leaders face increasing tension and questions around the very essence and meaning of authenticity, integrity, truthfulness, and trust. Striking the right chord of candor and authenticity has become even more critical as people grapple with greater confusion and conflict as to their perceptions of what is real and what is “fake.”